Planning Study Announcement!

Dear Friends of Corpus Christi Foundation,

Thank you for your ongoing support of Corpus Christi Foundation and Corpus Christi Catholic School. Your help empowers students to become healthy, well-educated, passionate disciples of Jesus Christ and faithful Catholics for the rest of their lives.

As you may be aware, collaboration between school and foundation leadership, Bishop Walkowiak, Fr. Burt and Fr. Garcia, and parish pastoral and finance councils continue to make our shared mission stronger. As united leaders, we are all fully vested in providing exceptional Catholic education in the Holland/Zeeland community.

Today, guided by our pastoral vision and the school’s strategic plan, leaders at St. Francis de Sales, Our Lady of the Lake, and Corpus Christi Catholic School continue to move forward with a bright future and clear vision. To ensure our dynamic school is available to all families, we are fully committed to growing our tuition assistance endowment. Before making any decisions on how to move forward, we would like to hear from our supporters.

On March 20, 2023, we began conducting a comprehensive survey of the entire Catholic community. We have retained the services of the Steier Group, a Catholic development consulting firm, to conduct a campaign planning study. This study will allow us to gather everyone’s thoughts on growing the endowment. The study will also help us determine a realistic fundraising goal, identify campaign leaders and donors and create a fundraising plan.

In the coming days and weeks, we will share more details about the study and begin inviting everyone to participate. I believe this process is extremely important, and I encourage each and every member of our Catholic community to participate. Your input is of great value as we plan for the future.


Katie Dishinger – Corpus Christi Foundation President