Our Work

We are dedicated to investing in our vibrant Catholic community – please join us by embracing our focus on the future! 

The Foundation distributes funds from endowment earnings typically every year. Donor designated distributions provide tuition assistance and support for Corpus Christi Catholic School, and support for Our Lady of the Lake and St. Francis de Sales parishes. The largest amount of the annual distribution is currently for Corpus Christi Catholic School tuition assistance.

In addition, Foundation general fund distributions allow grant funds to be available to these same entities. See Guidelines and Forms page for a complete description.

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.

- Saint Mother Teresa

The Griffiths thoughts on the Holland/Zeeland Catholic Community

Ron and Joan Griffith came to Holland over forty years ago and since that time have been involved in supporting the area Catholic Community. Their children attended St. Francis de Sales School and their grandchildren attended Corpus Christi School. The Griffiths describe our Catholic Community as unique and like a “three legged” stool because all three legs of a stool are needed to hold up the whole. “The two parishes and the school support each other and hold each other up,” according to Joan. The Corpus Christi Foundation is “glue” to keep them together.

When they were asked what advice they had for leadership of the Corpus Christi Foundation, they said, “It’s up to us (leaders) to grow this Foundation, then we (the Catholic community) will become more visible. We have been very impressed with the Auction with a Twist and other activities where we can see the parishes and the school supporting each other as a Catholic Community.”

Ron and Joan have a named fund in the Foundation and are proud to support all three legs of the stool to “bring us all together.”