Guidelines & Forms

Grant funds are typically available to Corpus Christi Catholic School, Our Lady of the Lake Parish, and St. Francis de Sales Parish on an annual basis. The grant process is one way we strive by grace in all we do, to nurture our faith for future generations!

For an explanation of our grant guidelines, please see our  CCF Grant Guidelines 2018.

To apply for a grant, please use our CCF Grant Application 2018-printable form or complete electronically on our CCF Grant Application 2018-fillable form.

To report on a completed grant, please use our CCF Grant Reporting Form 2018.

Photos of some example projects funded by our grant process are included below.

Recent Grant – New iPads partially funded for Our Lady of the Lake Faith Formation program
Recent Grant – new science experiment tools partially funded for Corpus Christi Catholic School’s STEM curriculum
Recent Grant – new sound system for St. Francis de Sales to use at parish and school events
Recent Grant – New books for Corpus Christi School
Recent Grant – Sacred Vessels partially funded for Our Lady of the Lake Parish
Past Grant – Mythology art pieces for Corpus Christi Middle School
Past Grant – New Freezer for St. Vincent de Paul in Holland (joint ministry of St. Francis de Sales and Our Lady of the Lake Parishes)
Past Grant – Gardening Boxes for Corpus Christi School
Past Grant – Funds for New Life Retreat at St. Francis de Sales Parish
Past Grant – Bible Study DVDs for Our Lady of the Lake Parish