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A gift to the Corpus Christi Foundation is an investment in the Lakeshore community with a focus on the future.

We invite you to join us, dream with us, and build with us to strengthen our unique Lakeshore Catholic Legacy! We strive by grace in all we do to nurture our faith and foster our mission to provide a strong financial base for the parishes and the school.

All gifts are tax deductible and a gift receipt will be forwarded to you. All financial conversations with donors and professional advisers are confidential. The Foundation also has professionals with expertise in estate planning and charitable giving. Inquiries are welcome at

Gifts to the Foundation will be directed according to the donor’s wishes, see Fund Options.

Our foundation’s tax i.d.# is 38-3473661.

Easy ways to give:

  • Online or Check Donations
    • Your may donate online on this website, or send a check for any amount to:
    • Corpus Christi Foundation
    • 195 W. 13th Street
    • Holland, MI 49423
  • Memorial or Honorary Gifts
    • Memorial and honorary gifts are a way to demonstrate love and appreciation and benefit the Catholic Community. An appropiate and attractive acknowledgement will be sent to the person you are honoring or to family members of the deceased. Please provide names and addresses. Envelopes are available upon request.
  • Securities or Appreciated Stock
    • Gifts of appreciated stock or other securities are an opportunity  to eliminate capital gains tax for the donor and the gift is deductible at the full market value.
  • Real Estate or Other Tangible Property
    • The Foundation welcomes a conversation with you regarding such gifts. A copy of the Foundation Gift Acceptance Policies is available. There can be considerable tax advantages to such giving as well as the satisfaction that your wishes for the future of the Catholic Community will be met.
  • A Bequest in a Will or Trust
    • We encourage you to consider a gift to the Foundation in your will or estate. Your generosity will perpetuate our mission to nurture and foster our faith in the community and strengthen our financial base in the future. We welcome conversations regarding any aspect of your estate planning to simplify the process and make it easy for you and your family. Consider a dollar amount, specific asset or percentage of your estate to help provide our Catholic Community with a strong financial base in the future.  For more information on including the Foundation in your estate planning, please visit our In Gratitude Legacy Circle page.
  • Retirement Funds: includes IRA Charitable Rollover, 401k, 403b, Simple IRA, Etc.
    • In 2016 the Charitable IRA rollover was made permanent so that persons 70 ½ years of age can make a gift to charities and Foundations without federal tax liability up to $100,000 per year. People can make a gift to help realize a dream for their Catholic Community to enjoy now and/or in the future. This does not qualify for a charitable deduction. The transfer must be directly from a donor’s IRA plan to the church, charity, school, organization or Corpus Christi Foundation.
    • Corpus Christi Foundation professionals welcome the opportunity to discuss the transfer of other retirement assets or have a conversation with your financial planners or attorney. All conversations are confidential.
  • Insurance Policy
    • You or a family member may wish to provide the proceeds of life insurance to the Foundation, parishes or school at the time of the death of the donor. A donor may also purchase a new policy and name the Foundation, school or parish as the owner or beneficiary. An existing policy may be signed over to a Foundation, church or school.
  • Restricted or Unrestricted Gifts
    • The goals of the Foundation are to listen to the wishes of donors and direct their gifts to the parish, school or project of their choice. Unrestricted gifts support the work of the Foundation in both parishes, the school and the Lakeshore Catholic Community.
    • See Our Work for needs funded by the Foundation in past years.

Many employers provide matching funds for an individual’s charitable donations.  Please consult with your employer to determine if a match is available for your gift to the Foundation.

This website information is provided for your information and is not intended to be legal or tax advice. We have professionals available to assist in creating a special way for you to make your wishes come true. We encourage you to consult your tax and financial professionals and we will gladly participate in any aspect of your planning. We encourage you to prayerfully consider joining us in building and strengthening our unique Lakeshore Catholic Legacy.